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The FGB meetings for this year are planned for:
· Tuesday 20th December 2022
· Tuesday 16th February 2023
· Tuesday 28th March 2023
· Tuesday 16th May 2023
· Tuesday 20th June 2023.

Governance is the process by which any organisation or group organises itself in order to be able to make decisions and examine its efficiency. In schools, it is the governing body who are responsible for scrutinising decisions made in school and for driving improvement, along with the processes and policies which allows the school to work effectively and appropriately.

The Governance Handbook states that effective governance is based on six key features:
* Strategic leadership that sets and champions vision, ethos and strategy. 
* Accountability that drives up educational standards and financial performance.
* People with the right skills, experience, qualities and capacity.
* Structures that reinforce clearly defined roles and responsibilities.
* Compliance with statutory and contractual requirements.
* Evaluation to monitor and improve the quality and impact of governance.


The Governing Body is a team of volunteers, supporting the school. We hope that we are able to:
* bring to the school different perspectives and experience, support and advice. We are not specifically qualified to be a governor but we do bring with us a wealth of experiences and do complete courses which keep us abreast of developments in education such as safeguarding
* provide a strategic view - questioning targets and priorities for the school, agreeing policies.
* act as support to the Head and Teachers and help focus on the children and help to raise the standards of achievement.
* try to ensure the happiness of the children within the school learning environment.
* act as a link between the local community, parents and the school.
* monitor policies, budgets, development plans to ensure they are on target and in place for the school to act efficiently.

As governors we meet regularly (every half term in the evening) to make decisions about school matters and to support the staff of the school in their work.
Our aim is to ensure that the School has the right school priorities. We want our school community to share our ambition and have a say in the development of these priorities. As a Governing Body, we do monitor regularly the progress of the school on its performance and we hold the leadership team to account for this performance. We try to ensure that school resources are allocated appropriately that support the school priorities.

Since the school joined Transform Trust in September 2019, we have gone through a change in terms of how we govern at Ravensdale We have restructured our meetings allowing us to focus on continuous school improvement so that we can move towards the best possible outcomes for our children in terms of their achievements and attainment. We want our children to have the best time and to have fun so that learning becomes a natural part of their lives and, by working together with you the parents, we hope that you will share in our ambition for the school to ensure that our children and staff are given the best possible support in order to achieve their potential.

The Governing Body for Ravensdale Junior School

Consists of the following:
· The Headteacher
· Parent Governors - A person with a child attending the school, who is not employed by the School or Local Authority
· Transform Governor - A member of the Trust who is not employed directly by the school.
· Staff Governors - Head teacher/Staff and non-teaching staff are included in this category.
· Co-opted Governors - Co-opted governors are selected by the Governing Body and will be selected on their skills and experience pertinent to the needs of the school.
· Associate governor member- a member of the SLT for the school.

Our Governors:


Jill Wilkinson

Jill has been involved in school governance since 2005. She is also the Chair of Governors at Pear Tree Junior School and is on the Governing Body of three other primary schools – of whom are part of the Transform Trust and most of within Derby.

Jill is a former Primary Headteacher and former Vice Principal of an outstanding secondary school. She was nominated as ‘Inspirational headteacher’ in February 2014 by her local MP.

She is currently a Chief Operating Officer and Data Protection Officer with responsibility for safeguarding, governance, data protection, policies and is the Chair of the Trust’s Guardians Group (all things safeguarding).


Mrs K Bayliss




Laura McCaul-Fletcher
Parent Governor



Hello, I am Laura Mc Caul-Fletcher and I am a parent governor. I am currently a student at the University of Derby studying a Bachelor of Education in Primary Education with QTS. I am passionate about child development and wellbeing. I look forward to teaching my own class in the future.


Mr M Appleton



Hi, I am Matt Appleton and I am a parent governor. I am currently a Materials Engineer at Rolls-Royce with 10+ years experience in Aerospace Engineering. I am the governor for SEND provision within Ravensdale Junior School. (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities)


Mrs S Zaib




Mrs M Clark



I am a mum of 2 Ravensdale boys, and I live in Mickleover. I work in IT and have experience of support, training and solution design in that field. Outside of work, I enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle with my family.


T Jackson



My name is Tyler Jackson, I am a community governor but also have a son at Ravensdale Junior School. I am the A level English Language co-ordinator at Derby College and oversee the Extended Project Qualification for our A level students. I have been teaching at the college for the past 8 years. Inevitably, I have a real passion for education and this is the second governing body I have joined as a result of this. I was a student of Ravensdale myself, as was my mother so the school is very important to me from a personal perspective - I can’t wait to get stuck in!

Ravensdale Junior School is a part of Transform Trust

Transform Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) formed in 2013; with 20 primary schools, predominantly located in Nottingham and Derby. Our values and ethos set us apart from other Trusts as we have a strong focus on empowering our member schools to drive their improvement journey, whilst maintaining their own individual identity and community focus.
Transform Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee, and as such are required to comply with ‘The Companies Act 2006’ Trustees, Directors and Governors of the Trust are listed in the Annual Report forming part of the Annual Account. For documents and information about Transform Trust, please visit

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